Tools are available in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. Tool Kit comes in a handy carrying case on wheels.

Tool Kits

Tool Kits

Tool kits include the following accessories:

  • Chipless Cutting Tool (variety of sizes)
  • Deburring Tool (variety of sizes)
  • Marking Pen

Hydraulic Pumps

10, 000 psi Hydraulic Pumps

Power SourcePart Number
Manual - Hand Operated DLT05MAPM1000
Pneumatic - With Hand Switch (70- 100 psi Shop Air) DLT02MAPP1000
Pneumatic - Foot Operated (70- 100 psi Shop Air) DLT03MAPP1000
Pneumatic - With Switch (80- 125 psi Shop Air) DLT04MAPP1000
Electric - Battery Operated, 24 VDC
(Includes a 115 Volt AC Battery Charger)
Electric - Battery Operated, 24 VDC
(Includes a 220 Volt AC Battery Charger)