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Special Fittings

Custom-Made Special Fittings

Permaswage has the resources to provide solutions for all types of applications. Contact Permaswage and submit an Engineering and Technical Support Form for any configurations, materials and / or special dimensions not listed in our catalog.

special fittings

Special Fittings Characteristics

SizesConfigurationsPort Connections
1/8" 4mm Straight Permanent
3/16" 5mm 45° elbow Beam Seal
1/4" 6mm 90° elbow Flareless
5/16" 8mm Tee Ferrule (AS1656)
3/8" 10mm Cross Flared
1/2" 12mm Bulkhead BOSS (MS33649)
5/8" 14mm Straight Tube end for welding
3/4" 15mm Bulkhead 45° Swaging or brazing
7/8" 16mm Elbow Flareless with continuous thread for bulkheads
1" 18mm Bulkhead 90°  
1-1/4" 20mm Elbow  
1-1/2" 22mm Bulkhead, tee  
1-3/4" 25mm Special reducers  
2" 28mm    
2-1/2" 32mm