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Tool Maintenance

Tool maintenance for Permaswage fluid fittings.

Tool Maintenance

Tool Maintenance

The superior quality of our tools synchronizes with our superior fittings. As the aerospace industry grows, there will be higher demand for leak-free fittings. In order to maximize tool performance, tools need to be inspected and maintained properly. From periodic inspections and with properly maintained tools, it would ensure structurally sound swage at all times.

Preventive maintenance and repair would lower cost from buying new tools due to breakage, and lower your inventory cost as more tools would be ready for use in production and less tool pending in your repair facility. We provide regular maintenance and overhaul services based on your maintenance schedule for tools.


  • Power Unit
  • Head Assembly
  • Inspection Gages
  • Marking Tools
  • Tube Cutters
  • Deburring Tools


  • Clean Jaws
  • Tool Open Length
  • Tool Closed Length
  • QD/Swivel/Hose
  • Exterior Damage
  • Dye Penetrant Exam
  • Overhaul


  • Quick Disconnect
  • Swivel
  • Dies
  • Plates