Permalite/AS Systems


Permaswage - Permalite/AS Systems Permaswage - Permalite/AS Systems Permaswage - Permalite/AS Systems
  • Installation tool facilitates the movement of axial swage ring which provides the swage force needed to compress fitting and tube, resulting in leak free, metal to metal connections.
  • Composite carbon fiber / epoxy rings are assembled to, and back up a thin high strength titanium alloy sleeve.
  • Axially swaged permanent fittings
  • Reduced-stress installation using in-situ swaging

  • Simple installation
  • Simple inspection
  • Low weight, reduced-envelope fittings
  • Wide tube insertion tolerance
  • Available in titanium, aluminum, and stainless steel materials in  a variety of standard and unique configurations
  • Permanent connections can interface with lipseal, flareless and flared couplings

  • Provides 180º  access to tubing for tight cluster
  • One Universal Tool Kit makes both titanium and stainless steel fitting connections - can be used for both production and repair fittings.
  • Features an extension hose with a swivel joint for flexible installation angles
  • For a list of available tooling and kits, visit Axial Swage DAT