Miniature series

The DME fitting concept offers the most compact and cost effective competitive weight end fitting approach available.
Permaswage - Miniature series Permaswage - Miniature series Permaswage - Miniature series
  • Axial Swage with separable ends using flareless female sleeves
  • Offers the most compact and cost effective competitive lightweight end fitting system available
  • Stainless steel sleeves
  • Extremely simple, fast and cost effective installation
    and inspection method
  • External swaging with the same tube insertion every time
  • Uses the shortest straight length to bend radius

  • Lighter and shorter than conventional flareless sleeves, internal swage, or cryogenic
  • Same sleeve used on aluminum, stainless steel
    and titanium tubing
  • Used with AS1792, AS21921 or specific nuts
  • Interchangeable with MS21922 & NAS1760
  • Compatible With MS33514 & MS33515 Male Flareless Fittings
  • Replaces internal roller-swaged, welded and cryogenic sleeves
  • No need For X-ray inspections or internal gaging before installation 

  • Small, robust simple operation DET swaging tools
  • Single stroke operation
  • Limited maintenance, minimum number of components
    subject to wear
  • Tools are inexpensive compared to welding machines or internally swaged machines
  • For a listing of available tooling and kits, visit Radial Swage DLT/DET