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8/11/12 Job Fair
Permaswage will be hosting it's 2nd job fair of the year, Saturday August 11, 2012. The event will go on from 9:00am through 1:00pm.



Permaswage Opens Manufacturing Facility in Suzhou China

10/18/11 Permaswage Opens Manufacturing Facility in Suzhou China
Permaswage announced its new wholly-owned manufacturing facility in China. It began production
operations in early July 2011 and now has complete machining and finishing capabilities in place.




6/21/11 QPL Approvals for Additional Configurations
Permaswage received QPL approval June 21, 2011 from PRI for many several additional configurations
of flareless fittings per AS-18280. We are now approved to supply parts manufactured from 7 material
alloys (aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium) ranging from sizes -03 to -24.

New Engineering Thermal Shock Chamber

6/20/11 New Engineering Thermal Shock Chamber
Engineering Department completed today the first in-house Thermal Shock Test utilizing the extended
unit that was built and added to our current thermal chamber. Thermal shock test is required for all our
fittings qualification to check the compatibility of the different fitting-tubing materials combinations at variable temperature.




3/15/2011 Permaswage Boosts Productivity With New Machines



HK Fittings

12/23/2010 Permaswage Completes Acquisition of HK Fittings, Inc. Assets



Branding Clarification

11/29/2010 Branding Clarification





9/7/11 Permaswage attended SAE G3 Aerospace Conference
at Pittsburg, PA.




A6 Aerospace Actuation

10/3/11 Permaswage attended A6 Aerospace Actuation, Control, and Fluid Power Systems Conference
at Santa Fe, NM.



SAE G3 Aerospace Conference

5/11/2011 The SAE G3 Aerospace Conference
Permaswage successfully hosted a hospitality suite after attending the SAE A-6 Conference in Hamburg,



5/6/2011 The Bombardier CRJ Show & The Aviation Week MRO Show
Permaswage partnered with Interfast for the participation at the Bombardier CRJ Show in Toronto
from May 2- 6,2011 and the Aviation Week MRO show in Miami on April 11, 2011 showcasing
Permaswage products.



3/9/11 G3 Aerospace Conference Permaswage participated in the G3 Aerospace Conference in Phoenix,
AZ in March 7-9th. Our sales team hosted a hospitality suite.



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