Permaswage is dedicated to providing products of high quality that will enhance your need. To that end, we invite you to offer any comments that you feel would be beneficial. All comments will be promptly addressed.

As part of Permaswage's commitment to continuous improvement, we are taking a proactive approach to improve our customer satisfaction. We have set our goal at 100% customer satisfaction. To accomplish this goal, we need your input.

Please evaluate our service in the following areas:

customer Survey
1.On- Time Delivery (*) - Do you receive product when expected?
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-How is our delivery compared to our competitors?

2.Quality of Product (*) - Do our products meet your expectations?
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- How is our quality compared to our competitors?

3.Competitive Pricing (*) - Do you receive value for the price?
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- How are our prices compared to our competitors?

4.Quotations - Do we respond to requests for quotation promptly and accurately?

5. Management - Is management available to support your concerns?

6.Technical Support - Are your questions and concerns addressed promptly and adequately?

7.Customer Follow-Up - Are we responsive to your questions in a timely manner?

8.Certification - Do we meet your certification needs?

9.Customer Service - Are our representatives friendly and attentive?

10.Responsiveness -Do we correct problems to your satisfaction?

11.Overall -How would you rate the overall performance of Permaswage?
Please provide additional comments, if necessary:

12.Quote Responsiveness -How would you rate our quote response time?

13.Lead times versus competitors -How would you rate our lead times versus competitors?

14.General Communication -How is the general communication related to the moves/consolidations?

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