Swivels Swivels Swivels
Specific and Standard Swivel Fittings
  • Hydraulic swivels are fluid pivot connectors. They permit relative movement and rotation and provide a sealed flow path for hydraulic media. They are connected to tubes by either permanent or separable connections
  • Swivels are available in various tube sizes, aluminum and stainless steel, and titanium in straight, elbow & U shaped swivel
  • Two-piece seal design for low rotary torque and long seal life
  • Fittings designed to specific customer requirements
  • Available port connections include flared, flareless, and lipseal
  • Can be used with permanently swaged hose-to-tube fittings
  • Swivel components can reduce the bending and movement of hoses and tubing, eliminate internal stresses and dampen vibration
  • Miniature low torque swivels are able to rotate in a single plane and provide a full 360ยบ rotation
  • Compensates for misalignment
  • Compensates for a conical axial motion
  • Allows extension and retraction
  • Can be customized to include dual flow path or multiple ports