Permaswage System

Permaswage fittings are radial compressed (mechanically attached) onto compatible tubing to provide a permanent joint with metal to metal sealing.  The fitting to tube relationship is affected by differential springback caused by the annealed condition of the connector, relative to the tubing. Fittings contain one (stainless/titanium) or two (aluminum) silicone seals which seals potential leak paths with tube surface defects

Permaswage System Permaswage System Permaswage System
  • Installation tool converts linear force into radial swaging force, resulting in compression of the fitting and tube
  • For fast, reliable repair and production of aircraft hydraulic, fuel, pneumatic and ECS tubing lines.
  • Lower weight, minimum envelope, high fatigue strength and cost-effective performance benefits for superior tube connections


  • Provides optimum flexure performance
  • Controlled dimensions with wide tube insertion tolerance to compensate for structural tolerance build up
  • Leakproof joints for the lifetime of the aircraft
  • Simple inspection
  • Simple tube preparation
  • Comes in all configurations including, but not limited to, straights, elbows, tees, crosses, reducers, flanges, and more
  • Permanent connections can interface with lipseal, flareless and flared couplings
  • Available in corrosion resistant steel, aluminum and titanium materials


  • Design features allow for simple, one-hand operation
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Allows for use in tight tube clusters
  • Rapid “in=situ” and “on the bench” installation
  • Repeatable, consistent process
  • Tool kits are available in a variety of sizes and in a variety of size combinations
  • Tooling training in-the-field is available
  • Tool maintenance program is available to service tooling
  • For a listing of available tooling and kits, visit Radial Swage DLT/DET